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August 2, 2022

How to Become a Bubble Developer?

Minh Pham

Bubble is the best nocode tool right now on the market, and we're not just saying that because we use it. Bubble introduces a new way to build software. It's a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs without code.

What is a Bubble developer?

A Bubble developer designs and creates applications for web or mobile environments using low code tool Bubble. Bubble is a powerful point-and-click web editor and cloud hosting platform that allows users to build fully customizable web applications and workflows. Bubble developers typically specialize in front-end and backend development.

What does a Bubble developer do?

Bubble developers are heavily involved in all stages of applications development. The list below outlines a few core responsibilities for Bubble developers.

  • Develop front-end features. Bubble developers may be responsible for UI elements such as dropdowns, sliders, drag and drops. Most of the time, Bubble developers rely on visual elements or plugins built by Bubble or the Community.
  • Design complete interfaces. A Bubble developer translates wireframes from design tools such as Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD into functional and responsive designs by using Bubble Editor. They may also work with and write CSS selectors and HTML tags to implement complex designs.
  • Develop back-end features. Bubble developers may be responsive for building and maintaining the mechanisms that process data and perform actions on web applications. They build the logic and use underlying PostgresSQL database to build data models, directly inside Bubble Editor.
  • Optimize application functionality. In addition to designing and creating new features, Bubble developers are responsible for cross-platform functionality. They ensure that different browsers and devices can efficiently run the application.
  • Software testing. Being involved with all stages of applications development requires Bubble developers to test the applications they work on before publishing to production.
  • Collaborate with other developers, designers to create innovative web apps

What are the skills required for Bubble Developer?

Bubble is a powerful tool for applications development, without writing a single line of code. There are plenty of Bubble developers out there, some with programming background or design background or even with no tech background at all. To level up in this competitive field there are essentials soft and hard skills to master to become a Bubble developer. Here is the breakdown.

Soft Skills

  • Project management – It’s a great advantage if they know how to manage projects using tools such as Jira, Trello or even Notion.
  • Knowledge of programming language and technical terminology.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • Solid ability in both written and verbal communication.
  • Able to develop ideas and processes and clearly express them.
  • High degree of independent judgment.
  • Able to solve complex problems.

Hard Skills

  • Web technologies – Understanding the fundamentals of how the web works, including client and server. A knowledge and experience working with web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript is a plus.
  • Databases – An in-depth knowledge of designing an efficient, scalable and performant database is recommended.
  • Workflow Logics - Knowledge of workflow-based programming system.
  • Security & Privacy - Have an overview of web application security risks is mandatory.
  • APIs - Solid fundamentals of what is an API and how does API work

Should I learn how to code or use only Bubble?

Learning to code gives you a deeper understanding of how things work. Sure, learning how to code can take years of study and practice. But once you've learned how to code, you'll have the flexibility to build any type of website that you want—without having to rely on a web builder. Learning how to code will help become a better Bubble Developer but is not mandatory. Tip: Try to learn code at your own pace once you are comfortable with Bubble.

Minimum requirements

These requirements are not set in stone, but this is what we think gives you the best chance.

  • 200+ hours of experience in Bubble Development
  • Fluency in English to collaborate with clients and managers
  • At least two additional Nocode tools (Airtable, Make, Webflow, etc.)
  • Basic product design skills
  • Experience working with API and third-party libraries
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript knowledge (bonus)

How to become a Bubble developer?

To begin your Bubble journey, you can watch videos on YouTube or read blog posts. There are many resources available online, but the quality of these resources will impact your learning. We will share with you only the most effective ones you can find for free online.


Who else better than Bubble to teach you how to Bubble? Get started quickly with these video tutorials series.

New to Bubble? Start Here: Introduction Series

Bubble Documentation

Bubble Forum

Database Design

New Bubble developers often skip this step and go straight to creating their applications, thinking they know enough about database design by copying online tutorials. This is wrong—you need to learn how to properly design a database so you can build applications with ease.

How to design a relational database

5 Database Design Schema Example

Bubble How To Build

Backend Workflows

Backend workflows are the core of your applications, allowing you to take your interface and turn it into a fully functional application.

Bubble Documentation on Workflow API

Security & Privacy

Most Bubble web applications made by non-professional developers have security flaws that they are not even aware of.A professional Bubble developer needs to be aware of the potential security risks to their applications and know how to protect their apps against those risks.

Bubble Security

Is it Safe to Build an Application on

Secure your app

Guide to Secure your Bubble app

APIs Calls & Webhooks

APIs and Webhooks are the glue of the Internet and allow your applications to connect with other applications and open up a world of possibilities for your application.

API Calls: What They Are & How to Make Them

What are webhooks?

Using Bubble’s API Connector

Bubble Documentation on API Connector

Payment Gateways

Each application needs to implement a payment gateway. There are many payment gateways, but Stripe is the easiest to use because of its developer-friendly documentation.

Connecting Stripe Payments using Stripe Plugin

Bubble Documentation on Stripe


We weren't able to find lot of ressources covering SEO with Bubble.

Bubble Documentation on SEO

All of these resources are free, but they may not be comprehensive. It will take you a long time to get there, but if you want to take a shortcut and cover these essential knowledge to become a Bubble Developer in 9 weeks, have a look at our course here. Send us an e-mail at to join the waiting list for Bubble Course in English (available in September).

Is Bubble developer good career?

According to recent research from Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies by 2025. Here is what is happening right now in the market:

  • Early-stage startups founders are relying on Bubble Developers to build their MVPs.
  • Startups and scale ups are creating new business units (i.e Head of New Business) to launch new markets, usually teams of 3-4 Bubble Developers.
  • Nocode agencies are actively seeking new Bubble Developers to work on their client projects.
  • Large Corporations are recruiting top freelancers in their Innovation Department to try out nocode tools for their internal projects.

This is a good time to become a Bubble Developer, it's just getting started.

Bubble Developer Salary

No data on Bubble developer salaries is available at this time, but here are some salary ranges based on the current market and what we have seen.

Junior Bubble Developer: $35k-$45k

Senior Bubble Developer: $65k-$100k

Nocode Project Manager: $45k-$65k

Freelance Bubble Developer: $120k-$150k

Where to find a Bubble developer?

There are different platforms where you can find a Bubble developer. However, finding the best one in the market is another challenge unto itself. When hiring for Bubble developers, we recommend you widen your search beyond your location.

Here are the best places to find top-tier Bubble talents:

  • Online communities – Try reaching out to active Bubble members on local no code communities Slack / Discord groups. Check out Nocodebuilders Discord and post a job in #looking-to-hire channel.
  • Conferences and Hackathons – There’s Nocode Summit, No-Code Conf, No-Code Digital Summit, Zero Code Conference to find potential candidates. Top programming schools are organizing their own local events as well.
  • Social Media – It’s worth a shot to reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn and Twitter. Join a Facebook Group specifically aimed at Bubble users and see if there’s anyone that stands out.
  • Job Sites – Of course, this list won’t be complete without them. Check out our no code job board.
  • Offshore Outsourcing – If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of the recruitment process, you can find companies to help have a dedicated team.

Hire a Bubble Developer

Here are the best places to hire top-tier Bubble talents:

  • Gigs services - There are plenty of very skills Bubble developers working on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Freelance platforms - Most talented Bubble Developers are freelances and are easily found on local freelance platforms.

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