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July 11, 2022

8 Bubble io examples of apps you can build

Minh Pham

See how Bubble has been used in real-world applications.

If you want to create a startup and test your idea, you may wonder, "Can I build a web application without hiring a developer?"

Yes, if you use platform to create your web application. provides a visual programming editor and a built-in database for creating sophisticated web applications.

The following are some of the most popular types of applications you can build in Bubble. All the applications below were built without writing any code in Bubble.

B2B Marketplaces

Nowadays, there are more and more marketplaces that allow you to sell just about anything. But if you're trying to create something truly unique, existing e-commerce solutions may not be suitable for your needs. That's where Bubble comes in.

Social Networks

If you're looking for new ways to allow people to connect digitally, you can develop a social network using Bubble. Developing a social network also means you don't need to find a technical co-founder or hire a web developer.

E-learning platforms

To help educators remain relevant in today's digital world, distance learning or digital tools are essential. E-learning platforms can be an effective way to engage with students and track their progress. Instead of paying for a Learning Management System that may not serve your needs, consider building your own e-learning platform.

Booking Applications

Tour operators often turn to to create custom web applications, making it easier for them to sell tours online. These web apps have back office features that allow managers to handle customer requests and other administrative tasks.

SaaS Platforms

Software as a service is one of the fastest-growing segments of the information technology market. It is no wonder that software as a service (SaaS) has been ranked high on lists of best business models. Bubble is an efficient platform for rapidly building SaaS applications, and for incorporating iterative design features into future versions of your product.

Jobs Boards

With Bubble, you can build a customized database of jobs—for any industry and for specialized roles—with features for talent, companies, and recruiters.

Finance Apps

Budgeting and bill management tools are becoming increasingly popular. Bubble can be used to create personal finance tools such as apps that allow people to pay off debt, manage freelance income, track expenses, etc.

Back office

There are many project management tools available, but maybe your team needs a tool that is tailored to your business. Or perhaps you're looking to give employees a new way to organize their work. Creating your own tool for managing projects can help improve productivity and efficiency.

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