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August 16, 2022

19 plugins you need to know

Minh Pham

There are thousands of plugins in Bubble's marketplace. Some of them are made by individuals, like you and me, and some others are made by Bubble team itself or popular agencies like Zeroqode, Airdev, Copilot. Some are documented, some are not. Some are still maintained by its owners, some have never seen any updates ever since. The Bubble plugins marketplace is a jungle, and plugin users need to be careful when choosing which plugins to use because many of them can open doors to security issues (i.e. stealing API keys, authentification credentials, etc.) or you can just end up paying plugins of bad quality, not worth your bucks.

How to choose a plugin ?

So be careful when choosing a plugin but here are some tips to help make a good decision:

  • Plugins made by agencies like Zeroqode, Airdev or Copilot doesn't mean that they are not vulnerable. For example, Zeroqode acquired a lot of their plugins from individuals and some of them are poorly maintained. It doesn't mean all of them are bad though.
  • Plugins made by Bubble can be trusted and should be perfectly secured.
  • The number of times an app has been installed is not necessarily a sign that it is worth installing; however, it can help you decide between two plugins. It's best to look at reviews and comments on the plugin page.
  • Read the description of a plugin's page carefully, as you may spot clues that the plugin is no longer being maintained. Words like "deprecated", "do not use in production", and "not maintained" are red flags.
  • Avoid using plugins for simple API calls if possible. If you must use them, ensure that they are using secure API calls. Learning how to use APIs can be difficult at first, but it gives you more control over your project. Plugins that simply make API calls can contain hidden functionality or send your data to another location without you knowing.
  • Test the plugin on the plugin page editor and read the documentation carefully to ascertain whether it meets your needs before choosing between two plugins.
  • Each plugin affects your app's performance differently. Some add a header to every page which loads in a ton of external Javascript, which can slow down your page. If you do not need a plugin anymore, uninstall it. This may improve your app's performance.
  • Try to send an e-mail to the app maintainer for critical plugins to see if you get a reply. Plugin support is important in determining the success or failure of your application.

How do I use bubble plugins?

You install and manage plugins in the Plugins tab. There, you can see which plugins are currently installed and what their ratings are. You can sort plugins by rating, usage or submission date.

See Bubble documentation:

Best Bubble plugins

The following are 14 plugins that extend your Bubble apps and are not widely known.

Algolia Search

Use case: Most of you use Search&Autocorrect for your search. This plugin is not production ready and won't work if you have thousands of thousands search results to load because the search and filters are done client-side, it's slow. Algolia search is done server-side and can enhance your search experience with relevant and blazing fast search.

Plugin link:


Use case: Add beautiful charts to your app and make it stands out visually

Plugin link:

Crisp Chat

Use case: Crisp is the best way to chat with your website visitors

Plugin link:


Use case: Use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Online as the backend for your API.

Plugin link:


Use case: Embed a visual editor that enables users to edit any content on your site, just as they would with a word document.

Plugin link:


Use case: The all-in-one privacy-focused website/app analytics tool. Confidently ditch Google Analytics and enjoy powerful visualization tools, full developer freedom, and protected users.

Plugin link:


Use case: Spend less time onboarding new users. Helppier creates automated tours and in-app messages to help users interact with your product.

Plugin link:


Use case: Lemonflow Analytics is a simple and powerful Instant Analytics solution for developers. It allows you to track user events from Bubble workflows in two clicks and quickly understand how your MVP is doing.

Plugin link:

Engagespot Notifications

Use case: Add a complete notification system to your app, including in-app, push and email notifications.

Plugin link:


Use case: Add access control checks to your app to easily manage user and role level access to data, pages, and features through the Warrant dashboard.

Plugin link:

SQL Database Connector

Use case: The SQL Database Connector Plugin connects to databases and runs SQL queries from within Bubble. Bubble supports connecting to PostGres, MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

Plugin link:


Use case: Post to multiple social media sites through one API

Plugin link:

Hyvor Talk

Use case: Add a fully featured, privacy-focused, fully-featured commenting platform to your app

Plugin link:

Native Apps BDK

Use case: Turn your Bubble app into a native iOS and Android apps.

Plugin link:

Most useful Bubble plugins

Here is the list of plugins that are commonly used in 99% (it's just a number, you get the idea) of the apps made with

API Connector

Use case: Connect any API with your Bubble app.

Plugin link:


Use case: Javacript and utility elements

Plugin link:

List Shifter

Use case: This powerful plugin allows you to reverse, iterate over or process lists of things on Bubble.

Plugin link:

VagueTime Timestamps

Use case: This plugin converts Date objects into timestamps in more readable formats, such as "3 days ago", "a year ago", etc.

Plugin link:

Multi-file Uploader Dropzone

Use case: This plugin adds an uploader that you can use to upload multiple files at the same time.

Plugin link:

How to do Bubble plugin development?

If you know a little bit of code and want to start creating your own plugin for yourself or to make so extra bucks, you can learn Bubble plugin development. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript is needed to build Bubble plugins. Here are some ressources to get your started:

Bubble Documentation:

Complete Bubble Plugin Development Course (Udemy):

Designing and Building Bubble Plugins in 2022 - The COMPLETE A-Z Tutorial (Youtube):

Happy building!

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