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August 17, 2022

Nocode Developers Stories #1: Meet Cam a.k.a @nocodeproff


Hi, I’m Cam, aka @nocodeproff. I’ve been using NoCode tools in my career for over 7-years to empower SMEs, MVPs and Startups with the tools to excel, solve problems, and bring ideas to fruition. I’ve worked with and advised some amazing business founders from different skills and backgrounds; each has taught me a valuable skill in running a business.
Like so many nocode developers, opportunity knocked and stars aligned with a great deal of elbow grease to bring me to where I am today. If you want to hear my story from start to present, read on…

Fighting the Education System

School never felt quite right for me. I refused to conform to the template society deemed acceptable at the time. I often asked why something had to be done a certain way and found creative ways to complete the work teachers set me.
These early thoughts gave me the instinctual out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving I have today. You can imagine my dismay when I reached college (that’s ages 16-18 for those in the US) to be told I was going to train to be an accountant. Not because I wanted to, but because, on paper, it seemed like a good fit - I was good with numbers. Thankfully, I was also allowed to study IT and Computing simultaneously, which came in handy later.

Humble Beginnings in NoCode

Fast forward to my last year of college - I was set to pass all my courses, but I wasn’t sure what was next for me. Going on to university was off the table for me; I didn’t want to subject myself to any more institutional education.
I found a position with a small accounting firm in Brighton in the UK. I quickly realised how monotonous and repetitive it was for me to work in finance. I sought ways to automate my work, and ended up with a small GoogleSheet/GoogleScript combo that tracked clients, sent reminders, and automatically drafted emails. It wasn’t pretty, but it allowed me to do more in the working day by freeing me to focus on more critical tasks.

A Chance Meeting

Not long after this, the company hired a very successful entrepreneur, Arjo Ghosh, as a consultant and adviser. It’s safe to say that my interaction with him shaped the rest of my career.
After our first meeting, Arjo and I spent much time evaluating my role at the company and my long-term goals and skills. The GoogleSheet I had created worked well, but it wasn’t scaleable; we both felt a role change would benefit the company and me. So over the following 12-18 months, I was tasked with building a bespoke Salesforce implementation for my employer.

Across the Pond

By age twenty, I’d had the privilege of being in the working world and gaining a great deal of experience at this young age. Yet I felt that the world had more it could offer me. So I got a Working Holiday Visa for Canada, packed a suitcase and dived head-first into a new country with different people, thoughts and ideas.

It was here that I joined a small mortgage broker in the heart of Toronto and was able to work in a team that genuinely cared about helping people, offering the best support and advice above all else. I will never forget what I learned here, and I apply the same principles to my own business and projects even to this day.

Nocodeproff is Born

After a two-year stay in Canada, having learned so much, it was time to come home. But when I did, I felt an overwhelming desire to help and support businesses while growing my own. This was when I discovered the term “nocode” and the expanse of these types of tools like  bubble ,  make  and . So I set myself the challenge to study and utilise more of these tools in my career. 
I started nocodeproff as a way to continue to advise and support MVPs, Startups and SMEs with quick-to-build, time-saving tools, and I haven’t looked back since.

Latest and Greatest Projects

Client Onboarding for IFAs

Arguably my biggest and ongoing challenge is a bespoke client onboarding system for UK-based IFA. I’ve been working here as the Lead Developer since April 2020. The project was born of a desire to create a bespoke and efficient onboarding experience and interface for clients. Existing onboarding systems relied upon multiple exchanges of wet signatures, scanned documents and numerous interactions between the client and adviser to ensure that the FCA’s requirements for providing compliant financial advice were met. This approach led to delays and client dissatisfaction.
Initially, we explored possible onboarding solutions from existing third-party providers. We quickly found that out-of-the-box solutions only offered a generic, templated user journey incompatible with the company’s processes or desire to deliver a client centred user journey. The logical route forward was to create a platform that provided a bespoke client onboarding experience required by the company. It was identified that a low/nocode-based approach was most efficient at meeting the company’s needs and offering a reduced cost both at the project’s initial and ongoing development phases.
The project continues to evolve and grow with time, now taking on more internal business processes and more updates planned later this year. I hope to one day make this build public as it is a spectacle of what can be achieved with  bubble !

Electric Together

I’ve worked as the Lead Developer at Electric Together alongside the brilliant founder Arjo Ghosh and superstar co-founder James Ellis-Brown since April 2021. Our mission is to enable people to transition to battery electric vehicles and cleaner forms of public and private transport.
When I came on board, we had a full-stack solution in the works. In our first year together, I introduced a nocode stack in leu; which expedited the development process and reduced costs. We explored the market, designing and creating meaningful tools and data points for the general public to help them go electric.
Lately, we have focused heavily on our UI/UX to offer what we feel are the best electric car cost comparison calculators on the UK market. We’re not stopping here; we’ve barely scratched the surface of what nocode has to offer. Electric Together has the potential to be a shining star for nocode in the renewable/clean energy tech space.
Electric Together is built entirely in with facilitating our data APIs.

“nocode developing has liberated from ‘features’ and is now putting the focus on UX - a very under-valued skill set!” - Arjo Ghosh

My NoCode Stack?

I’ve used tools from across the nocode industry over the last seven years, but there are four that I couldn’t live without. And while there are so many other platforms out there, I think every aspiring nocode developer should start by learning these:

  • Figma  - Design it
  • Miro  - Plan it
  • Bubble  (of course!) - Build it
  • Make  - Connect it

What next?

My ambition is for nocodeproff to become a force of motivation and positivity in the nocode community. I want to offer more than just consultancy; mentorship and education should be at the core of what we do for founders looking to make their dream a reality.
I’ve recently started working with some new, truly unique, energetic and driven founders/entrepreneurs where I’ve been able to advise and take on exciting work. I’m also on the hunt for the best up-and-coming nocode developers in the UK (and beyond) to learn and work with me as I continue to grow and take on more projects.
My DMs on Twitter are always open, and I’m always down for a chat; I love it when people reach out, so don’t be afraid to do so!

Kick off your nocode career today

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