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April 21, 2022

10 no code tools to build your online business

Minh Pham

No code tools allow anyone to create online businesses or automations without knowledge of code. Before the advent of no code tools, creating a simple web application was a difficult task, often left to developers. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. While no code tools can't solve every technical problem, having the right no code stack can definitely help you accomplish certain tasks much faster, easier and cheaper.

There are hundreds of no-code tools, some free, some expensive. They also serve tons of different purposes, from integrating third-party APIs to building web applications, etc.

The no-code development landscape is receiving an increasing amount of attention, and demand is growing each year. Look at the volume of searches on Google:

Google Trends for no code

The availability of no code tools is good news for non-technical people because if you have a problem, chances are you can find a no code tool to help you solve it. However, how do you know which of the several hundred no code tools are worth trying and which to invest your time in?

This article will help you sort out the no code tools and present you only the 10 essential no code tools you need to know to build your online business.

  • Webflow for landing pages

Price: from 12 / month. Free version available.
Launched in: 2013
User base: 1+ million users

Webflow offers fewer customization options than tools like WordPress, but makes up for it by focusing on one particularly important aspect: design. It is easier to create a professionally designed website using Webflow.

Plus, Webflow doesn't rely on third-party plugins as much as WordPress, which makes site maintenance more predictable. Webflow is ideal for personal websites, portfolios, blogs and niche online stores.

  • Bubble for web applications

Price: from $25 / month. Free version available.
Launched in: 2012
User base: 1+ million users

Bubble is a visual programming tool for creating web applications. Bubble offers the possibility to create web applications from scratch such as back offices, marketplaces, CRMs, job boards, social networks, etc.

More than 100,000 applications have already been created with it and the user base is growing at a steady pace. Go for it, it's really the best no-code tool on the market to create web applications.

  • Airtable to replace Excel Spreadsheets

Price: from 10$ / month. Free version available.
Launched in: 2012
User base: 80,000+ organizations; unknown number of individual users.

Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid and is often considered a business application because of its productivity features. Airtable gives you the functionality of a database, with the user interface of a spreadsheet, which is great for beginners. Airtable is a collaborative online tool.

It can be used for simple tasks - like keeping a log - but also for more complex tasks, like scheduling tasks. In addition, users can connect Airtable with other APIs, and extend the application's capabilities.

  • Make (ex Integromat) to interconnect your apps
Make (ex Integromat)

Price: $9 to $299 per month. Free version available.
Launched in: 2016
User base: Over 500,000 users

Make is the glue of the internet: a powerful no-code tool to connect any app. With Make, you can create all kinds of integrations: from simple connections between two applications to complex scenarios that automate workflows.

  • Shopify for your e-commerce

Price: from $29 / month.
Launched in: 2004
User base: Over 800,000 stores

We don't even need to introduce Shopify anymore. This Canadian e-commerce unicorn is becoming the "WordPress" of online stores: easy, intuitive and with many available integrations. Shopify is the option of choice for those who want to create an online store now, and quickly.

  • Podia to create your online course

Price: from $39 / month.
Launched in: 2014
User base: unknown

Podia is a no code tool for selling online courses, digital content and subscriptions. If your business is selling courses, how-to's, educational content and tutorials, Podia is probably the best solution to quickly create a platform for selling digital products.

  • Chatfuel to create your chatbot Messenger

Price: starting at $15 per month. Free version available.
Launched in: 2015
User base: unknown

When it comes to creating Facebook Messenger bots, Chatfuel provides an intuitive platform that easily rivals ManyChat in many aspects.

The Russian company is proud to say that no code knowledge is required to create bots. Chatfuel allows for advanced customization, a vital aspect that bots need to excel in their conversational bot function.

  • Voiceflow to create your voice application

Price: starting at $15 per month. Free version available.
Launched in: 2018
User base: 25,000+ users

Voiceflow allows us to design, prototype and build all voice applications without coding such as games, quizzes and other voice applications

The voice app market has grown exponentially over the years due to the popularity of Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa - which now has over 80,000 apps.

  • FlutterFlow to create your native mobile application

Price: from $30 per month. Free version available.
Launching in: 2021
User base: unknown

FlutterFlow has a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it very easy to create all kinds of apps running on both iOS and Android. The tool can directly integrate with Firebase to take advantage of features offered by Firebase such as authentication, database and push notifications. It is also possible to create connect to other apps through call APIs.

Rare in the world of no code, FlutterFlow allows users to export their code. It is even possible to push directly to a Github repository from FlutterFlow!

  • Substack to monetize your newsletter

Price: 10% commission
Launched in: 2017
User base: +500,000 members

The content you write has value especially when you share your experience. Substack makes it easy to monetize your newsletter via a subscription model. All you have to do is write quality content for your target audience or community.

These no-code tools won't bring you customers, but they will certainly help you to get your product on the market faster and easier without any knowledge in code. It's up to you now to reach out to your potential customers!

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